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I have been practising collage for several years, which I discovered during my training in art therapy. I found it a real personal resource, a way of expressing my poetic and sensory relationship with the world by combining collage, materials and plastic arts. In my studio, far from the hustle and bustle, I can relax and forget the worries of everyday life. It is in this sense that I wanted to open my studio to those who wish to live this experience. Everyone gradually finds their own universe.
The group is a source of energy and inspiration. It is also a mediator of laughter, joy and listening. I do not offer therapy, but creation is a therapy in itself, it makes us strive for autonomy, self-worth and satisfaction, astonishment, and reveals a part of our singular identity.

In collage, we rely on images of reality, present to us, which we arrange in a singular way. We thus produce unique combinations of images assembled by our mind and our sensoriality. The collection and association of these images is in itself a powerful stimulus to the creative process.
Collage is also a particular game of letting go at the moment of selection and arrangement. You can't. What psychic process makes you choose certain images over others? There is a kind of "magic" at work, something that is beyond our control.
The collage is created by a network of associations between sensoriality, the object found and what it represents for oneself. The arrangement of all these elements produces metaphors, collisions on the level of symbolic representation. It is clear that a collage can have a very particular meaning, in keeping with the personal history of the person who created it or in reference to a common history and culture...

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Open all year round by appointment. Closed in August except for possible training courses.


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Le peintelier - Collages
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