Avant-première Les petites mains

  • Crédits photo : Catherine Lapalus Crédits photo : Catherine Lapalus

Régine, Joëlle, Fanny and Jean-François are volunteers. After work and alongside their family lives, they give their time and energy to help others, to make a difference where they live, to defend a cause that they feel is noble and just. What motivates them to make this kind of commitment? What do they get in return? What do they find in volunteering that they can't find elsewhere?

The film Les Petites Mains takes us on a journey to meet them and accompany them on the ground as they take practical action in the social, cultural and environmental fields.

They are the invisible little hands of contemporary society. Yet they are part of a collective project that gives meaning to their lives.

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Friday 29/09/2023 at 8.30pm.

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Avant-première Les petites mains
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