Cercle de chant et Relaxation sonore

  • Crédits photo : anna millot Crédits photo : anna millot

Singing circle: For the simple pleasure of sitting down and singing, listening and blending our voices around a repertoire of songs from different origins and cultures. This no-obligation experience is an invitation to travel.

Sound relaxation: As the seasons go by, come and enjoy music-led visualisations, meditation, sound journeys, storytelling or simply rediscover the pleasure of letting yourself be carried away by Anna's songs.

Opening times

On 8 and 22/03, 5/04, 10 and 24/05 and 7/06/2024.
Singing circle from 6.30pm to 7.30pm,
Sound relaxation from 8pm to 9pm.

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  • Base rate15 € *
* 15 euros per workshop

Cercle de chant et Relaxation sonore
Cabinet musicothérapie
7 Impasse des Bordenets
71390 Marcilly-les-buxy