Cercle de guérison

  • Crédits photo : milene fevre Crédits photo : milene fevre

Horses are the guardians of ancient wisdom.
In a state of receptivity we can receive their teachings, grow and work to blossom and live in peace with what is within us and our environment.
Fanny and Milène put their skills, differences and complementarities at your disposal by using their respective and common tools for all those who feel the call of the horse in their heart.
The horses and us, will accompany you on the path to Healing
For all those who are open and ready to receive the teachings of the wisdom of the horse, and to give back to them a little of what they give us without counting the cost.
Accompanied by the beat of the drums we will invite you to a journey into the heart of you "love me".
In collaboration with Ayhuca Human and Animal Holistic Care

Opening times

04/06/2023 from 9am to 12pm

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Cercle de guérison
Les écuries de Messey
20 Rue de la Bouche du Bois
71390 Messey-sur-Grosne