Exposition Myriam Chemla

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For the second time, Les Communs is giving carte blanche to Myriam Chemla.
It's an opportunity to ask questions about her work, to pursue her creative path, to take up a challenge, an adventure!

Myriam trained as a musician before deciding to become a ceramist at a Catherine Vanier exhibition.
The practice of throwing and decorating with a brush enabled her to acquire rules and gestures; since then, Myriam has been composing more freely. Porcelain takes shape and deforms, the satin white of the enamel rubs shoulders with touches of coloured engobes that dance; each piece evokes an emotion, a landscape, a sea spray. Come and follow the story of her creations by meeting them from 29 July at Les Communs.

Opening in the presence of the artist on Thursday 3 August at 6pm.

Opening times

From 29/07/2023 to 01/10/2023 from 10am to 7pm then from 10am to 6pm

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Exposition Myriam Chemla
Les communs
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