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Piccolo corpo" by Laura SAMANI / 2021 / 1h29 / Drama
Italy, 1900. Young Agata's baby is stillborn and thus condemned to wander in Limbo. It is said that there is a place in the mountains where her baby can be brought back to life, for a breath, to be baptised. Agata undertakes this journey and meets Lynx, who offers her help. Together they embark on an adventure that will bring them closer to the miracle.
Sole" by Carlo SIRONI / 2019 / 1h40 / Drama
Lena has arrived from Poland and is carrying the child that Ermanno's uncle and his wife will adopt at birth. While he has to look after her before she gives birth, Ermanno starts to get attached to Lena...
Maternal" by Maura DALPERO / 2019 / 1h31 / Drama - (Spanish / Italian)
Paola, in her twenties, leaves Italy for Buenos Aires where she is to complete her training as a Sister in a home for teenage mothers. There she meets Luciana and Fatima, two 17-year-old mothers. At a time in their lives when each of them is confronted with choices, these three young women, who have everything in common, must help each other and rethink their relationship with motherhood.
A Chiara" by Jonas CARPIGNANO / 2021 / 2h01 / Drama
Chiara, 16, lives in a small town in Calabria, surrounded by her family. For her sister's 18th birthday, a big party is organised and the whole clan gathers. The next day, Claudio, her father, leaves without a trace. She decides to investigate to find him. But the closer she gets to the truth behind the mystery of his disappearance, the more her own destiny takes shape.
Nos plus belles années/ Gli anni più belli" by Gabriele MUCCINO
2020 / 2h09 / Comedy drama
In 1980, in Rome, Paolo, Giulio and Riccardo are 16 years old and are like brothers. Soon, Paolo's girlfriend Gemma joins their gang. As the years go by, each of them takes a different path. When Gemma starts to have a secret affair with Giulio, conflict seems inevitable...
This is the story of four friends, told over forty years, from the 1980s to the present day. The chronicle of their hopes, their disillusions, their loves, and above all, their friendship.

Opening times

07/10/2022 at 20:30: "Piccolo Corpo
08/10/2022 at 20:30: "Sole
11/10/2022 at 20:30: "Maternal" (in French)
14/10/2022 at 8.30pm: "A Chiara
15/10/2022 at 8.30pm: "Nos plus belles années/ Gli anni più belli

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