Centre d'Ayurveda "ANANTA"

71390 Messey-sur-Grosne

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In his centre, Gérard BUFFIN, Ayurveda practitioner, relaxologist, trainer - lecturer and member of the Association des Professionnels en Âyurvéda, offers a range of Ayurvedic treatments:
- constitutional assessment (pulse, questionnaire, tongue test)
- warm oil massage adapted to the person's constitution and energetic state (Abhyanga)
- massage of energy points (Marmas)
- massage of the back, skull and feet (foot reflexology using a small copper bowl (Kansu))
- oil on the forehead for 1 hour (Shirodhara) for deep mental relaxation
- herbal pouch massage for bruises, backache and joint pain

Opening times

Open Monday to Saturday, 9am to 7pm.

Payment methods :

  • Cheques and postal orders
  • Cash
  • Bank transfers

Centre d'Ayurveda "ANANTA"
13 Rue du Mâconnais
71390 Messey-sur-Grosne