Rando-Croquis au Château Pontus de Tyard

71460 Bissy-sur-Fley • Hiking

  • Crédits photo : Rozenn KREBEL Crédits photo : Rozenn KREBEL

The first rando-croquis in Burgundy, this introductory drawing course for all walks around the magnificent château de Pontus de Tyard, with its conservatory orchard, its two conservatory vines and its poetic garden.
Throughout the 4 stations, thanks to the advice and tips of the rando-croqueur, you will learn to easily create your own drawings on the themes of heritage and nature

If you know the journal of the rando-croqueur, you will not be surprised to find on this rando-croquis trail the same spirit, the same authors, step by step examples as well as many tips and tricks. With a major advantage: the subjects presented on the desks are those you have in front of you. Of course, there are variations depending on the lighting and the season, but it gives you good leads to approach each subject

Practical information :

Distance: 800 meters
Walking time there and back (excluding drawing): 15 minutes
Suggested equipment: a notebook and a pencil are essential. If you wish to go further you will need: pencils (HB and thicker), felt pens, coloured pencils, gouache and watercolour, A4 or A5 sketchbook (min 120g).

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Rando-Croquis au Château Pontus de Tyard
Place Pontus de Tyard
71460 Bissy-sur-Fley

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