The village is located on a geological fault that is of particular interest to geologists with the river, the Guye, which crosses it from north to south and which constitutes a natural border. The origins of Savianges go back to antiquity and the village, crossed by an ancient Roman road linking Autun to Macon, owes its name to a Gallo-Roman villa called Savianga. During the Middle Ages, the villa evolved into a village. This rural village of around a hundred inhabitants, dominated by the Bois Rougeon hill, offers some of the most pleasant country landscapes for the Balade Verte "Le Chemin des Celtes" (The Celtic Way). During the circular walk, don't miss the Romanesque church of the 12th century, the old fortified château of the 13th century, and the wash house on the bank of the Guye before finding your way back to the starting point.

A la découverte de Savianges

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  • ©MélanieRoger

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